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The Sentinel range of fireplace stoves is manufactured in Jiangsu Province, China, for The Woodstove Trading Company in South Africa.

The Sentinel range focuses on the manufacture of high quality cast iron and steel stoves. Our range has various designs from traditional to contemporary. Our stoves range from 6KW up to 14KW heat output, ensuring an adequate heating option for any home or living space.

Sentinal carries a 5 year warrantee excluding wear and tear items and glass.

Sentinel Ottawa Compact.png

Sentinel Compact

Ottawa Range

Sentinel Ottawa Curve with Logholder.png

Ottawa Curve with Logholder

Ottawa Range

051 Traditional.png

051 Traditional

Cast Iron Range

942 L.png

942 L

Cast Iron Range

943 Grande.png

943 Grande

Cast Iron Range

Sentinel Ottawa Compact with Logholder.p

Sentinel Compact with Logholder

Ottawa Range

Sentinel Ottawa Square.png

Ottawa Square

Ottawa Range

034 Square.png

034 Square

Cast Iron Range

942 M.png

942 M

Cast Iron Range

942 Square.png

942 Square

Cast Iron Range

Sentinel Ottawa Curve.png

Sentinel Ottawa Curve

Ottawa Range

Sentinel Ottawa Square with

Ottawa Square with Log Holder

Ottawa Range

033 Square.png

033 Square

Cast Iron Range

942 S.png

942 S

Cast Iron Range

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