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Garage Door Seal is a great solution to keep windblown dust, leaves, and water from entering the garage under a poorly sealing garage door, thus ensuring protection for your stored goods, tools, and vehicles against the elements.


Manufactured from PVC, this easy to install the product is strong enough to withstand being driven over by heavy vehicles and is guaranteed to last. The bright orange line in the middle was specifically chosen to ensure your safety - once placed on the floor this strip is noticeable to your peripheral vision ensuring your awareness against tripping. A specialized sealant is provided, which in conjunction with our serrated, grooved base ensures an easy installation that will last for years to come.


Although developed to seal garage doors, this incredible product can also be used to protect a variety of rooms against the elements.


The Aluminium brush strip provides effective protection from draughts, dust, and rain.  The bristles on the seal are more effective than your conventional rubber seals, as the independent filaments of the brush conform to uneven surfaces for a better seal. Most doors have a problem with leakage as an all-round seal is almost impossible and all doors require a gap in order to function. This brush seal is the seal you want if you already have the floor seal to give you really good all-round seal on your garage door.

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